Are you a member of Law Enforcement? Fire? Military?

Tiffany is a passionate supporter of Law Enforcement, Military, and Fire Service Professionals. After years of working in the field with emergency responders for the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team, she has experienced first-hand the severity of stressors related to critical incidents and now provides mental wellness trainings, counseling services and Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for these professionals.

Tiffany is also a Clinician for The Counseling Team International,  First Responder Wellness by Simple Recovery and Shift Wellness. Tiffany is actively involved with First Responder family wellness in her spare time. Her genuine understanding for First Responder family life comes from her own life experience as she is married to an Anaheim Fire Captain and they have two children together. She founded the Southern California Fire-wives Connect group and is a Co-Founder of the Anaheim Fire Families as the Family Support Services Coordinator. She works with Shift Wellness providing the Sage Project – First Responder Spouse Retreats as well!